Benefits of Employee Tracking Solution , with standard plan


Employee Tracking Solution actually adds the value towards to organization by evaluating daily activity of employee. Subscriber can track the each activity online in subscriber/admin account. Important features are as follows :-

  1. Tracking of all Mobile calls - Incoming Call /Outgoing Call /Missed Call
  2. Call recordings - All type connected calls
  3. Talk-time tracking -  Day talk-time with duration wise filter.
  4. Call details can be evaluate as prospect number, dialing or receiving date and time, call duration & region.
  5. Excel can be downloaded from subscriber account.
  6. Call details and recording can not be deleted by user.
  7. Location feature gives real-time report, timeline with detailed analysis.


Works Offline : ETS (Employee Tracking Solution) Application works offline as well, as internet resume it will sync all the details to respective subscriber account.

Other software integration : ETS (Employee Tracking Solution) can be integrated with any other software by API's. Post/ Get/ Rest all API modules are available for integration.

Dynamic Reports : ETS (Employee Tracking Solution) publish real-time report of all the employee which shows calling performance with detailed evaluation.

Unlimited Storage : Our all the plans featured with unlimited storage without any conditions.


Note : ETS (Employee Tracking Solution) reflects the daily activity of all employees under Dashboard, Call Details, Call Recording and location in 1st view of impression. Although, Subscriber/user can check the activity by filtering in past days.

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